ViPova Products

ViPovaTM Tea is made with a rich, smooth organic black tea from China’s famed Yunnan Province and the finest rich hemp oil derived from the highest quality agricultural hemp cultivars. You can enjoy this delicious and exceptional tea experience hot or cold.

We use our own patented process to infuse the valuable hemp oil ingredients inside lipids, allowing for a more efficient and comforting delivery to your body. Only ViPovaTM takes this vital step for your benefit.

Each 1.5oz tin will make between 25 and 60 cups of tea; stronger flavors will deliver about 25 cups. But we invite you to try a more subtle, nuanced experience: brew one heaping teaspoon to an entire pot for 20 minutes, for a surprisingly complex, delicate dance of flavors. Brewed this way, the intricacies of our technology can deliver 60 cups of tea per 1.5 oz tin.

You COULD spend more for a beverage at a coffee shop – but only ViPovaTM tea can give you the benefits of our patented hemp oil-infusion process. Try it and you’ll agree it’s worth every penny.

NOW AVAILABLE: We are proud to announce a new range of flavours to the ViPovaTM family, all available in 8 to 32 bag portions: Decaf English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Herbal Bengal Chai, Herbal Cherry Black Tea, Herbal Masala Chai, Low-Caf Organic Evening Green Tea and ViPovaTM Light (only available in 4 bag starter size). Each of ViPova’s new flavors contains the same rich hemp oil infusion using our patented process.

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