Consumer Products

Lexaria has two distinct consumer product brands: ViPovaTM and Lexaria Energy. Both brands use patented technology to infuse hemp oil ingredients within lipids in popular foods. Other companies selling hemp Seed oil products and hemp seed oil drops usually just mix hemp oil with other ingredients and sell you the resulting product. That is NOT what we do!

We actually have a patented method by which we infuse our organically sourced high purity hemp oil INSIDE the molecules of other ingredients. We work with lipids because the human endocannabinoid system is itself lipid based. We believe this is a more efficient way of delivering hemp oil to your body and that a little hemp seed oil within one of our products might be similar to a LOT of hemp oil ingested without our proprietary technology.



We introduced ViPovaTM black tea infused with hemp oil in January, 2015. This is a delicious Chinese black tea from the province of Yunnan, and is hemp oil-infused within dried evaporated non-fat milk. We delivered several flavors and varieties, including herbal decaf versions, and sell VipovaTM teas in convenient consumer package sizes just like you would find in the grocery store. ViPovaTM tea is available for sale today at and ships nationwide.

We envision ViPovaTM to be more than just tea, however. Our vision is that ViPovaTM will represent the true “coffee-house” experience: various types of coffees, teas, and related goods. So, in 2016 we launched VipovaTM coffee and also hot chocolate: and for those who are used to “unusual” tasting hemp oil cannabinoid products, we challenge you to detect it after our patented technology has been applied.


Lexaria Energy Foods

You’re a busy, active person. Personal fitness is important to you – and so is eating right. You love to play tennis – or golf – or go cycling – or you exercise regularly. Life is busy and you don’t always have time to gather all the ingredients you know you need to cook a good meal. Lexaria Energy is for you!

Lexaria Energy products use our patented technology to efficiently deliver hemp oil ingredients to you in nutritious and delicious formulations without making compromises. You should be able to eat gluten-free without loads of added sugar: we do that for you. You should be able to enjoy important quantities of protein without feeling that you’ve just bitten into sawdust: we do that for you too. And you should be able to enjoy the many benefits of hemp oil-based ingredients without having to put up with a bitter taste: and we do that for you too!

First, we produce and sell edible consumer products infused with hemp oil that are federally legal. Through our subsidiary company we launched the ViPovaTM brand with a delicious hemp oil-infused black tea. Through our Lexaria Energy  brand we launched the Lexaria Energy Bar – a hemp oil-infused protein bar that just might be the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten!

People who are active and on-the-go don’t always have time to sit down and enjoy a nutritious, balanced meal. But just because you are busy doesn’t mean you have to resort to candy bars and donuts! Lexaria Energy is working to deliver a line of food products that are nutritious, responsibly produced, often gluten-free, and always infused with hemp oil so that YOU don’t have to compromise between convenience and healthy eating.

Everything we do has common elements: products and ideas that bring you comfort. We use patented technology but we also work with Mother Nature. Brought together, our goal is to help you achieve HARMONY in your very special life.